Thursday, December 01, 2005


Projected 2006-2007 Roster

Seniors: Colin Falls (WG), Russell Carter (SG)
Juniors: Robert Kurz (F)
Sophomores: Randy Ayers (F/G), Kyle McAlarney (G), Zack Hillesland (F), Luke Zeller (BF/C)
Freshmen: Luke Harangody (BF), Tory Jackson (PG)

Only a 2-member class at this point, but in our opinion, they best of the bunch of 2-member classes in the conference. Notre Dame still has four open scholarships with the recent transfer of Omari Israel, so this is a team that could be quite active on the recruiting trail this winter and moving quickly on the class of 2007.

Luke Harangody is just what the doctor ordered for the Irish program. He is a strong post player that will play physical on both ends of the floor and do the dirty work around the basket that is needed in the Big East. He will help fill a major void on the Notre Dame roster as he is the tyle of player the program seems to be lacking more often than not, and, with the graduation of Torin Francis and Rick Cornett, he becomes much needed in the scheme next season.

Also, Tory Jackson adds a missing element to the Irish line-up with a speedy ballhandler capable of breaking down the defense to set up the Irish sharp shooters. They will have skillful bombers with Colin Falls, Randy Ayers and Kyle McAlarney, but Jackson will give them that element of speed that the Irish has also lacked.

So, the Irish looked to have added a couple elements that they have been lacking in recent seasons at times, now, they also need to add depth, because they are slated to have just 9 scholarship players, not the ideal amount of bodies to have going into the season. The spring period is a very tough time to add quality to the roster as the comeptition is tough, but the Irish will be in need of a player or two.

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